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About Me – Pinneng


Pinneng-After finishing my Open Water Diving Course in 2003, I did my 1st dive in Alor called “Kal’s Dream”. And that was when I knew I had fallen in love with underwater beauty.

A couple of months later, I bought my first underwater camera and have since never left it behind when I go diving. Exploring the beautiful waters of Indonesia, from the East as in Nabire-Papua to the far Western point of Indonesia: Pulau Weh, the North as in Sangihe to the Southern point: Rote, I always try to record the underwater beauty of Indonesia in frames and photographs. But I realize that mere photos can never capture faithfully the true paradise we have in Indonesia.

Being both a National and International winner of multiple Underwater Photographic Competitions, and as an in-house underwater photographer for DiveMag Indonesia, I am always striving to bend the rules of underwater photography allowing everyone to view Indonesia’s uniqueness in new and inspiring ways.


Karikatur Pinneng

Pinneng in drawing

I do dry too- Pinneng

My profession as an underwater photographer has brought me to many interesting places -especially in Indonesia.  There I have so many chances of experiencing the wonderful of Indonesia trough my lenses. Supported by a well known camera brand, later I started to put bigger part on land photography.

Landscape and human interest have always been my favorite shots.

As a co-founder of Wet Traveler I share my journeys via Youtube channel. Wet Traveler is a youtube channel that shares videos about traveling especially for diving and surfing. Remember to subscribe to Wet Traveler channel to get the update episode on the 1st and the 15th every month.

You can also find works on Instagram and Twitter, both with the same account name: @pinneng.