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Am I a brave guy? A scuba diver story

Posted on: December 29, 2014 by pinneng | 1 Comment
Am I a brave guy? A scuba diver story

Am I a brave guy? A scuba diver story

Become a SCUBA diver trough courses

As a SCUBA diver I’ve done some crazy things in my diving. I’ve done some solo diving, even in night time. I dove to 55m in Kal’s Dream, the very famous spot in Alor for it’s crazy current. My deepest dive was 75m in a single tank where I can see the other diver had started to have his narcosis. Went down in a strong current with negative entry, kicking down as fast as I could, and finally touch the bottom in 33m. Etcetera… etcetera…

So, am I a brave guy?

 If I had a look in dictionary, “brave” means ready to face and endure danger. 
I would say, in some of those conditions I was very stupid. Some? Ah, maybe just one… that 75m. But yes, I was very stupid and I know I will NOT do that again.
SCUBA Diver upside down

Dive down for mola mola

As a matter of fact, I can say sometimes I was very coward.

I will never forget the first time I plunged into Alors water, I almost cancelled my dive when I couldn’t move forward. I kicked as hard as I could but the current kept pushing me back. If it was not Donovan that came back for me and told me how to move forward: that crazy fast heart beat, those silly thoughts swirling in my mind, and exhausted legs would have taken me up and…. probably I never been an underwater photographer nor a diver.
Another time, in Batu Bolong – Komodo Waters. I was diving with some friend SCUBA diver who were much less experienced than I was. Did realize how it started, but those thoughts just took over my beautiful brain. I tried to suppress them and went down. In a point it just went crazy. And when I realised my friends were not around, I turned back and kicked like crazy until I found them that just dive happily.
Once in Manado, I had another “uncomfortable” diving. But this time, that was because we had a crazy party the night before. I guess I still had too many CxHxOH in my blood when I went down. I felt that I was not in total control of myself. First thing I did was I called the other diver, I looked to his eyes and signed I want him to stay close to me but it is okay to keep on diving.

First experience as a SCUBA diver

On the first story I had a “reason” to be panic because of the un-controlled situation (the current). The second, Batu Bolong is one of the dive spots that even an experienced diver needs to be very extra careful, but in my story it was my brain played me. The third, that is another old story which the police always say: no drink & d(r)I’ve.
One common thing that I always do after I had those “attacks” is: I tell my dive master that I had that panic and talk about it. I am not a shrink, but I think by doing that reduce the possibility of having a trauma. Even by doing that might make your dive master think that you are a coward. Trust me, if he/she is a professional dive master, he/she had experience before.
Non SCUBA diver whale shark

Dive down for Whaleshark

On the other hand, as a SCUBA Diver I broke rules in diving and I think I will still keep doing it. I have my own rules in breaking the rules (now I drive you crazy uh?). They are :
1. Always have the “escape” plan B, C, D, E, and sometimes F or Z. Put in as many “what ifs” as you can think about in your scenario. And yes, I did my study seriously.
2. Never put my buddy nor my other fellow divers in any possible danger.

Totally afraid of danger

So, by definition, It is affirmative that I am not a brave guy. I don’t even dare to face any danger, totally afraid of danger.
I just have my rules on breaking the rules.

Photo by Dewi Wilaisono

drone photo by Ferry Rusly

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(IMPORTANT! : my acts I here are NOT TO BE FOLLOWED! I wrote my stories, NOT YOURS.)
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