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South End of Indonesia – Surf and Dive Rote

Posted on: December 23, 2014 by pinneng | No Comments
South End of Indonesia – Surf and Dive Rote

South End of Indonesia – Surf and Dive Rote

One of the rare places where you can surf and dive    Rote

One of the things in diving that makes me proud of myself is I’ve dove almost four ends of Indonesia waters: Weh, Sangihe, Rote, and Biak in Papua. This time we are going to talk about dive Rote.

Rote already well known as one of the best surf destination in the world. When Anugerah Surf & Dive Resort invited us to dive Rote, without any second thought, I made the schedule.

SUP Rote

World Class Lett Hander

Sunset Surfing

Famous for it’s world class surfing breaks and sunset

I’ve known Mike for quite sometime, a nice dutch guy who once was a dive instructor in Gili Trawangan and now he is our dive master in Rote. Mike started exploring Rote waters within the last two years. With Mus -the owner of the resort- they run (the only) dive operator  around Nembrala.

With a boat that can take up to 6 divers comfortly, cutting trough the waves, we got to Hiliana in about 1 hour. Around the small island Hiiana there are some very interesting dive spots.

The Dive Rote

Actually, I did not expect Rote was as good as what I see. Dense carpet of coral covering the slope, some coral bommies are very colorful on the white sandy bottom.


Dive Rote - Al

Colorful Diving Rote


First dive I concentrated on taking pictures of the those bommies with many lionfish swimming arround them. Visibility in Rote waters not so perfect for underwater photography. It was only 10-15 meters and a little bit greenish. But with right angle and bright sun I had that day, I manage to take some nice photos.


Dive Rote 2

Lionfish and glassfish


Second dive I decided to went in first while the other still gearing up. With only one goal: meeting the albino manta. Mike told me that it normally swims around a big bommie to the west of Hiliana. And, looks like we both made our schedule right on time! The white manta was hovering over the bommie the second I reach it. Too bad, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to the gracious creature when it swam away. I went down and tried to hide myself behind the rock, and as they normally do, the manta swam back and made a couple of circle to check on my bubbles before it left me alone. Yes I was still alone, the others found me a few minutes after it.

Day #2 of diving Rote was also as good as day #1. This time I bring my macro set up. With 60mm attached, we tried to find the address of leaf fish Mike told us. And we did.  Really, the macro stuffs are just as fabulous as the wideangle objects. Nudibrach, ghost pipefish, cute juvenile boxfish, and the hairy squat lobster on the barrel sponge are so nice.

Nudibranch - Dive Rote


Squat Lobster - Diver Rote

Squat Lobster

Nudibranch 2 - Dive Rote











The Lay back

As we always do, we always come back with big smile on our face after a day of diving. in Rote, a bottle of beer while watching the sun sets just perfected the day.

Anugerah Sunset

Sunset at Anugerah Surf and Dive Resort

How to get there:

Nearerst transit airport is El Tari in Kupang (KOE)

There is daily return flight Kupang-Roti (KOE-RTI) by Susi Air ( (local phone: +62-380-881262) but it has only 12 seats with limited carry bagagges. Cost : around USD30. Wings Air can be a better option with more seats.

Whom with heavy bagagges will need to use water transport.

The fast boat leaves from Tenau port in Kupang around 8 o’clock. Cost around USD15 (VIP) and USD10 (economy-AC). 1hr 45’ to get to Ba’a in Rote.

The slow ferry leaves from Bolok around 7 o’clock. Cost USD4 and with another USD8 you can have a bed (bunk bed) with AC. 4hrs to get to ferry port in Rote.

Some important notes:

The airlines charge you extra (IDR200k) for 1 checked in surfboard.

You normally need to spend 1 night in Kupang before you catch the ferry/boat the next morning. might be handy for you to get around Kupang. Please DOUBLE CHECK on the ferry/boat schedule on the LAST EVENING in Kupang. The schedule might change (EARLIER) due to the weather condition.

Ferry/boat port to Nembrala takes another 1hr 30’ land trip (add another 40’ if you start from ferry port). You can take public transport called “bemo” for about USD5, or chartered a car for about USD40, or your resort can arrange it for you.

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Waiting for sunset

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