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On Your Shoulder

This photo was taken after we did an underwater flag raising in Alor for Indonesia independence day. A young man was carrying the flag back to the boat symbolise our duty to continue our elders works.

The Eye of A Smart Mind

Octopus is believed as a very smart sea animal. This one attracted me of its reddish colour.

The Sun of the Sea

Tubastrea also known as Sun Coral or Sun polyps. They extend their beautiful tentacles only at night.

Live With The Nature

Wearing a traditional wooden goggle, the fisherman was fixing his bubu (fish trap) in the afternoon and work as a teacher in the morning. This photo won a Conservation Category in an international underwater photo contest.

Crystal Waters of Alor

Bubu - handmade fish trap - in crystal clear waters of Alor.

Peek Me

This Pygmy (peek me?) pipefish was about 2cm long and it kept moving. So glad I was able to freeze it in this photograph. This photo won the Best Macro category in an international Photo Shoot Out Competition.

Just Love The Night

Met this squid in one night dive in Raja Ampat.

Two Giants

Two whalesharks circling around me one early morning in Nabire - Papua. That one morning I met 7 whalesharks.

The Reflections

These corals live in very shallow water in Raja Ampat that allow me to get the reflections on the water surface, green of the trees, and clear blue sky above.

Pby Catalina Wreck

Wreck of once a WWII amphibious bomber aircraft. Biak - Papua

The Heritage

This unknown ship wreck in front of Sanger pier is just a beauty to photoraph.

On The Edge

This funny colour shrimp was enjoying his afternoon by perching on the edge of a sea urchins' thorn

One Summer Afternoon

It was the end of my dive when I saw this juvenile trumpetfish hovering amongst corals.

Worlds Wonder

There are 3 stingless jellyfish lake in the world, and one of them is in Togean. Clear water and sunny late afternoon make me able to grab the beauty of blue sky, green of the trees, lovely silhouette of snorkeler, and the jellyfish itself.

Once a ship

Located in 30m deep of water, visibility of no more than 4m , this once a cargo ship still an interesting object to dive for and be photographed.

Giants around me

Another rare moment where I can get 3 whalesharks and one diver in a frame making a perfect silhouette shot.

© Jan Skwara